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Don’t Sell Your Values

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

What foundation does one stand on? Our parents spend their entire lives trying to support us as we imbibe the best values, learn right from wrong, judge how to make the correct choices and steer away from harm.

What is it that we as humans learn from most of all?Experiences.

No matter how much you tell a child not to touch the barbeque, he or she is bound to keep trying to touch it until they get burnt. No amount of telling your child to drive slowly will slow him down, up until he dents the car and has to face the consequences.

This is what we learn, but these experiences, are experiences, not so much value builders.

There are some experiences on the other hand, that make you learn true values. A lady wrote about her good deed for the day in the latest Reader’s Digest. Would you not learn from that? Or, in fact, value, that experience were you to be a part of her good deed for the day?

Value systems are the core basis on which we stand. What is your most important value? What is the one moral you will always hold dear to you? Is it honesty? Integrity? Valuing others? Living with a zealous passion, regardless of how trying life may get. Loyalty? Self respect? Whatever it may be, do remember, that at the end of the day, this is what defines you. Be it at work or be it at home, you hold this most dear to you, and yes at points in your life, you will question where the values seem to disappear when they are needed most – they hide away – proudly bring them out at that time.

For me, its my devotion to my work. For me, weekly offs are only taken as family time, not an escape from work! This is what makes me tick.

And you?