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Retirement Planning – Preparing for ‘Guaranteed Income in Life’

Monday, October 4th, 2010

In the thick of the stock-market catastrophe in November 2008, Craig Smith, a new retiree at 58, was seized with dread and anxiousness. He wasn’t aware of retirement funds, he was too young to collect Social Security benefits, and he was banking wholly on his savings.

In his mind, he was aware that he couldn’t cash out his stocks because he might live another 30 years or so and would want higher investment returns that would come in from stocks, but emotionally, he was completely scarred.

As retired folks watched their account balances drop sharply, most of them were counseled to cut down their retractions or head back to work to maintain their steady income. The thought of turning into a Wal-Mart welcomer or McDonald’s counter person was certainly not appealing to Craig as he found impossible to sleep at night.

Probabilities are alright — till you become a data point. The recent global recession that gripped the world in fear and horror was so serious and so uncommon (since nearly every asset class, save treasury bonds, endured grievous losses) that it has challenged the accuracy, integrity, and propriety of every conservative strategy.

The biggest source of danger to retirement income lies in removing too much money from a shriveling nest egg, for there may not be adequate left to gain from the unavoidable market backlash. Making the most of all the financial assistance you have at the moment and setting a plan in place that will take care of unforeseen outcomes into consideration is the most crucial and primary step in insuring against them.

Over the next few days we will touch topics such as how to map your time and how you can look out for while looking for a Fulfilling Retirement.

The Four Point Business Insurance Model

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Business insurance can cover you and your company, regardless of how large or small your company is. There are several parts that fall under the term Business Insurance, four of which are vital and any company would be advised to have them.

The first and most important would probably be health insurance, which is given to provide benefits for the employees as well as the employers. Additionally, some employers offer life, disability insurance etc.

The second of this could be marked as Property Insurance. Property insurance is considered, keeping in mind the likelihood of any damage to the actual physical structure or building where the office premises are located.

Casualty Insurance is the third key part for Business Insurance Planning. Sometimes people pair this with Property Insurance as it protects the company from any sort of loss that can tarnish the company’s image.

The last important part of business insurance is liability insurance; this can protect your business for any lawsuits that claim negligence. This negligence may be brought on by the employees, or by the business as a whole.

There are other smaller forms of insurance that can be part of business insurance like vehicle insurance that protects any damage to the company vehicles. In addition, the workers insurance needs to be brought into this list – this would be for any injury sustained while they are working with relation to their work.

Thus, it is crucial for any company, regardless of startup or existent, regardless of how many employees form the frame work of the company, and lastly regardless of what the financial situation of the owner.