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Long Term Care Insurance: 6 Ways to Buy It Right

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Analyze what is most necessary and don’t go overboard. A long-term care insurance policy which covers both institutional and community-based care is enough. Doing so helps you stick with your resources and prevents you from spending too much. You need to be certain the insurance company is reputable and that both the company and the agent are properly licensed to sell long term care insurance.

We came across this article which gives a clear view that you need to keep in mind when buying long term care insurance.

It’s not only the insurance companies and investment markets that are messing with the future of long-term care. They’re doing it in the name of consumer protection. But that adds to the need for even higher premiums later, Some states don’t permit short-term policies or other money-saving designs that could reach a wider market.

Nevertheless, this industry isn’t going away. People with assets should get their heads out of the sand and protect themselves against these old-age costs. Here are six rules for buying LTCI today:

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Why It’s Inspiration, and Not Motivation That Keeps You Ticking

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

To “inspire” according to Webster’s Dictionary is “to fill with the urge or ability to do or feel something.” Whereas the word motivate, which people misconstrue to mean inspire, is defined as an incentive or a bribe to perform a task.

Why do you need to inspire someone, or more importantly why would you need to inspire yourself?

If you were to ask ten people that question, you would get ten different answers – all poles apart! One might say inspiration is what gives you the drive to push forward everyday. Another might claim inspiration is the resource we tap into to make our days and our lives more worthwhile. A third may suggest it is what helps one tick on a day to day basis.

All of these have one thing in common; they all say that inspiration is the energy that comes from a humane source that coerces you to achieve. Inspiration is a simple path, termed as a productive way to the perfect environment be it work or at home.

How do you Inspire people?

The path to success can be rather intimidating. To make people more comfortable and successful, the key is to offer your colleagues productive inspiration, regardless of how trying and chaotic the period may be.

One can safely say that to mould a long term achiever, one needs to transform, to inspire the person to be successful and committed. How exactly is this possible?

This is possible by convincing others of the scope to excel at what they do, and in turn believing it yourself. Cooperation, effectiveness, creation of value, love for your goal, are some droplets that paint the picture to be truly inspirational, try it out – it really works!