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“A little about me…”

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Achievements are not the triumph of hope, but are the results of tremendous efforts and consistent belief in one’s self. I feel, at this point of my life, there is no greater sense of achievement than witnessing my children, my wife and my company, accomplish feats that are ground breaking.

Over forty years of learning, and still no amount of amassed knowledge seems to be adequate for me. Reflections seem to surmount with emotions as I cherish these beacons of my life.

Steve McQueen and The Great Escape, my family, a plate of great home – cooked Yellow Dal or fresh off the stove Aloo Paranthas, value systems, Inspiration, Motivation, Jagjit Singh, Arsenal, the 49-ers, are some of the few facets that define me.

I do not look at my profession as work, but merely as my option for a way of life. I love people, may be someday I will share with you how I studied for my PhD in Humanity.

I look on back to see steps, not hurdles, but rungs that can literally measure my life for me. I am grateful, for where I stand, as a witness to a revolutionary Industry, as a parent to my children, and as a mentor to the rest.

Striving to help you, in all possible ways…looking forward to writing about beliefs, motivation, and life…

For now, I leave you, hoping to inspire you to live your life to the fullest, and enjoy the week ahead