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About JudgeEZLife
JudgeEZLife is an one-stop place for your insurance needs. It is backed by Judge For Yourself, Inc (JFY) - who offer a full range of advanced Financial Strategies, Corporate Financial Planning, Wealth Accumulation Strategies and Services that help our clients live and retire with financial dignity.
Finally, Life Insurance at your finger tips!

With EZ Life Sales, you can easily and efficiently provide life insurance to your clients. Here's how it works...

What you do....
Run our Health Analyzer and Quoter to get an accurate quote
Select the desired product
Gather application information and submit the online application
Deliver the policy and collect delivery requirements
What we do....
Follow up with your client to fill out the paper application
Order medical exams and attending physician statements (aps) when necessary
Follow the application through underwriting
Deliver the policy to you
Pay you 100% of your regular commission

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